VRMG Music boss Edem names his all time Ghanaian rapper.

The  have always being and argument in Ghana about who deserves to be crown the all time best rapper in Ghana.

Infact some key players in the music industry like DJ Black, Dr Pounds and some others released  their list best rappers in Ghana which got be people talking.

Meet Glenn Samm the amazing Ghanaian walking artist and model.

Now, the recent artiste or say rapper to disclose the name of his all time best rapper in Ghana is none other than Edem. The rapper disclosed that Tinny is his best Ghanaian rapper of all time.

According to Edem, Tinny’s rap in his local dialect which is Ga is unique and no one has been able to beat him on that.

  “Tinny is my all-time bestrapper. His rap in Ga is unique and no one has been able to beat to him on that. My other favourite rappers will be Okomfo Kwadee” 

Explaining why he failed to mention his own name, he explained that he has his own unique style and feels he is not in competition with the other rappers.

“I do not compete with other artistes, I just set my goals and accomplish them. When you try to compete with others, you might lose focus on your target,and Obrafour,” 




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