I watched this guy train in the gym for a day and I shocked.
Meet Aroma; A Bodybuilder and Fitness Trainer

Most people see bodybuilders in town and then they go like wow, I wish could have the same body. But what they probably don’t know is that, those Chest and thick arms were not build in a day. Its involves a whole a lot of hardwork, dedication and most importantly the food you eat as well.

If you enter a gym and you going to workout for the first time, make sure you have either the gym instructor or fitness trainer by your side before you lift any weight. These people are there for a reason. To assist so you do the right workout so you don’t also hurt yourself inĀ  the process.

So then, let me introduce you to Aroma; a Fitness Trainer and a Bodybuilder. As I said earlier, I watched this young man workout in the gym one time and he looks all focused and determined to achieve something. Now that is the kind of person you need as fitness trainer. Someone whose work is to assist you reach or achieve your goal.

Asked why he works out, he said; Exercise doesn’t just strengthen your muscles, it also strengthens your heart and bones, lowers your blood pressure and reduces body fat. It makes me look healthy and I will say I was born with it because it’s my source of happiness. Everything I do in life ia all about gym gym gym!”

Picture : Aroma in Beast Mode

Aroma participatedĀ  in the this year’s KNUST strongest were he came out 5th out of 25 participant.

Picture : Aroma awarded a certificate for Participating in KNUST Strongest

He is gradually building his fanbase after KNUST Strongest and is now a professional Fitness trainer. He created a Facebook page called Aroma Fitness were he uploads his “Beast Mode” workout session, workout tips and more.

Screenshot : Aroma’s Facebook Page. [ Aroma Fitness]

Below are Links to Aroma’s Social Media handles. Do well to follow and Subscribe to this pages so you can learn from him. He has so much experience from years of training and his all ready to share it with you.

Twitter : @aroma_fitness

Instagram : @aroma_fitness

YouTube : Aroma Fitness

Facebook: Aroma Fitness




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