Has Ruff Town CEO, Bullet sacked new signee Fantana from his record label? Well lets take a look at what these two have being posting on social media.

Now, Ricky Nana Agyeman, popularly known as Bullet on recent  post on social media revealed that the was something big coming from the label ( Rufftown Music). Bullet then went on to tag some members on the label like Wendy Shay, Church Boy and  Ray James but surprisingly omitted Fatana’s name.

The captioned got the attention of fans and they ask if Fantana is longer part of the label.

Fantana also got a lot to say about the issue after she saw what he boss posted in Instagram. The singer took his Instagram page threatening to expose Bullet and Wendy Shay.

She said Bullet and Wendy Shay have bullied and publicly humiliated her enough. She also went on to say she has being wanting to leave the record label for a long time but wasn’t allowed and Bullet is now making it look he is KUTTING HER off the label.

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Read her full post on Instagram.

Dear Wendy & Bullet, You guys started this and I will simply end it. It’s so funny how you feel the need to publicly humiliate me making it seem like you KUT ME from the label when the whole time I’m the one who has been wanting to leave! You know my number, and my house. You guys have bullied me and tortured me ENOUGH.
I won’t allow you guys to use me , play me and make me look like the bad guy. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. The TRUTH THAT YOU BOTH ARE SCARED OF. Since you guys want everything to be public. WHY DONT I JUST TELL THE TRUTH?

Before this whole issues started, Fantana has being making some “not so cool” comment about her label mate, Wendy Shay. From snubbing Wendy Shay at Becca’s song premiere, boldly stating she has nothing to do with Wendy Shay to flatly denying Wendy Shay is her senior at the label, Fantana has said and done it all.

This is a whole new development and best know that, Basextra.com will keep y’all updated on any new development.





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