Was it an actually beef or what bullet and his girls needed was publicity?

Well  if you could remember very well, Basextra.com put out story about how the whole beef between Fantana, Bullet and her label mate Wendy Shay started.

Read Story below.

All You Need To Know About Fantana And Bullet Brou Haha.

Now I cited a video on Instagram were Rufftown signee Fantana was seen singing and jamming Wendy Shay’s who also happens to be her label mate new song “KUT IT”.

This two ladies have being in the center of controversy for a long time. Fantana even mentioned in her interviews that, She and Wendy Shay are not the best of friends; they are just label mate.

Now, we actually don’t know if this two beautiful ladies have put aside the differences or not but I would wish they do so they can keep supporting each other. Already, the is this perception in the Ghanaian music industry that, the female artistes do no support each other and for the good of the industry, we wouldn’t want this to continue.

In the video below, you will see Fantana singing and dancing to Wendy Shay’s ‘KUT IT”.



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