Reggie of Reggie and Bollie fame opens up on how Ghanaian artistes can make money from their music

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, the UK based artiste advised Ghanaian to stop uploading their music on websites for free downloads. With this, he urges all musicians to use all avenues or digital distribution platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and others if they really want to earn money from their crafts.

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“Now if let say they have like booking agents who represent Ghanaian artiste in the UK, They will say I am his booking agent, give me 100,000 pounds or 50,000 so I can make him perform, that’s money for the artiste, the management and the record label. It goes on, distributers, the song will be well distributed,” he stated.

He also added that, “Till date, it still baffles me that Ghanaian artistes have to make songs and put it on free download websites so that they can get shows, it is not done,” 

Reggie also argued that, this system is the new thing and it is done everywhere; that is how come Nigerians and South Africans are plugged into the worldwide system of making money with their songs online and that’s how it is done all around the world.




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