Its sometimes very easy for someone to identify who an intelligent person is. They probably learnt or studied some few tricks from just a conversing with them or observing them ;so with this they can probably tell if someone is intelligent or not.

So from this article, I’m going to list and explain five ways to easily identify someone who is intelligent.

Not wasting much of your time, lets roll in.

  1. They think with their head and not with their heart – Why should you think with your heart when you have a head? The head is there for logical thinking whiles people who think with their heart make tend make decisions based on their emotions which might not be logical or wouldn’t make sense. Therefore someone is intelligent will think with his head and not with his heart.

2. They are always reading – Someone who is intelligent is always reading. Its could be a novel, magazine or handout from school. You will hardly find them doing anything different aside reading a book. They invest their time in reading these books so they can add more knowledge to what they already have.

3.They are historian – Because the spend most of their time reading books they can really tell you with details of past events. They also spend a lot of time educating themselves of various topics.

He Goes To The Gym And Trains Like A Beast.

4. Shyness – Yeah, for me, most of my friends who are intelligent a naturally shy. All the want to do is sit in their corner and read, their social lives are very poor which makes them shy when ever they are in the mist of people.

5. Falling asleep and still passing final exams – I’m sure you will be familiar with this 0one if you are or was once student. You spend the whole time attending lectures and studying late at night only to see student who skipped class several times gets the first or second position. Those student are the intelligent ones and they don’t need to go through the stress studying late at night like others.

So if you come across such people in your school, community or workplace, just know that they are on a different level.




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