published a story where rapper Kweku Smoke accused Shatta Movement boss, Shatta Wale for his song.

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Kweku Smoke accuses Shatta Wale of Stealing His Song.

Now, looks the on going beef between this two artiste has taken a wrong turn as Kweku Smokes earlier today posted a video in Instagram explain how and why he was attacked by Shatta Wale’s thugs.

According to the rapper, he and his manger where heading to Shatta Wale’s place to settle their differences only to be attacked by some boys who sent by Shatta Wale.

In the video, Kweku Smoke who is seen with a bandage on his hand and neck with a low tone voice revealed that the car they were in was smashed by the thugs as well.

Kweku Smoke who appeared injured from the bandages around his arm and neck threatened to arrest Shatta Wale adding that he’s not faking his assault for hype.

Watch the video below.


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