We are all well aware our very own actress and media personality Efia Odo will feel uncomfortable should she wear something that covers her whole body.

The screen goddess have always been a target for critics who have roasted her in and out for her sense of fashion. Well this shouldn’t be their concern by the way.

We can’t go by our daily lives without forgetting how toxic some Ghanaians are towards certain celebrated personals and how they choose to make every one step of a celebrity their headache.

It’s the same with the Actress who have had to deal with harsh comments about her wardrobe choice. Come to think of how a person gets mad at another for what she wears.

Efia herself have come out to clarify things on why she choose to dress the way she does which is dressing half-naked to events or wherever as well as the posting of half-naked pictures on her various social media handles.

“I don’t get nude. I get half nude and it’s just how I am. I wake up in the morning, if I wanna be fully covered, I’ll be fully covered. If I wanna be half-naked, I can wear a bikini down the street if I want to but I’m in Ghana so I can’t,”

“For my brand, I think it kinda does pay off because people love seeing me half-naked and I love seeing myself half-naked.”

“I think if I was fat I wouldn’t be half-naked but I got a pretty good body so why not show it off”
she said on Pulse Chat.
This sounds like a good explanation and we hope Ghanaians on a whole will respect her choice on how she desires to go on with her life.
From the look of things a lot of people do enjoy the show and she believes it’s a key to building her brand so it all makes sense.


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