Meet Emerging Walking Artist and Model, Sylvester Aguzey.

A lot of things has being happening in the Ghanaian Fashion Industry. It isn’t like the past where you see people wear baggy jeans and a oversized T-shirt to an event. The fashion style and sense now is different.

Some people have even gone as far as creating their own fashion trends and movement so they can be able to standout in the masses.

One Ghanaian artist who is gradually becoming a household name and planning to take the whole Ghanaian fashion and modelling (walking artist) to different level is Sylvester Aguzey.

Picture : Sylvester Aguzey at Jollof Rave ’19. Picture Credit : Dope Concept

Sylvester Aguzey is a Ghanaian an upcoming model, walking artiste, actor, blogger and a member of a new movement that is spearheading the whole new brand of Walking artists and modelling in Ghana called KvngsOfTheNewSchool.

Picture : Sylvester at Chalewote ’18 with some members of KvngsOfTheNewSchool

Someone may ask, why a walking artist or modelling and not something different. Well I did ask him and according to Sylvester, being a model or walking artist gives him the opportunity to sell the Ghanaian or African culture to foreigners and also pushes him to learn certain cultures from some part of Africa.

Picture : Sylvester at Jollof Rave ’19 with some members of the KvngsOfTheNewSchool

Aside being a walking artiste, Sylvester has passion for acting. He’s being featured in some Ghanaian movies which are already showing on Tv. He blogs as well and is the CEO for Loudmouth Media ( According to Aguzey, he uses this medium to blog about Art and Entertainment.

Sylvester dreams of seeing his photos featured on some of the top top Fashion Magazine or blogs in the world like, Vogue, GQ, Essence, Instyle¬† and other popular ones. He also want to be recognized as one of the world’s best and creative walking artiste or model.

Picture : Sylvester Aguzey at Jollof Rave ’19

So there you go, if you really want to support Sylvester and be updated on¬† some of his works, Just move to the next paragraph, I’m going to put out his social media handles so you can follow him and then get frequent update on his journey to becoming one of the world best walking artists.

Instagram @ceo_sylvester

Twitter @ceo_sylvester

Facebook page @AguzeySylvester








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