News reaching us from the streets suggest that our very own Queen of hips and screen goddess is officially a Lesbian.

Prinncess Shyngle has officially switched her sexual orientation into being strictly gay after she was used and dumped by her immediate boyfriend who is said to be a Senegalese.

In a live Instagram video, Princess Shyngle really said a lot to underline her seriousness in becoming a lesbian and the kind of partner she looks forward to date. She said:

“I’m going to be the first open gay African actress. Yeah, I’m gonna be open about it.”

“My girl has to be lit, she has to be so freaking beautiful.”

And I promise I’m gonna be the most faithful girlfriend ever. I’m not gonna cheat on you- not even with a dude, even if he has a good dick- no, I ain’t cheating. Stick with the pussy”, she added.

“I’m serious guys, I’m not joking- I’m about to be gay. I already look like a dude. A lot of people say I’m ugly, so yeah fuck it; time to be a dude for the right chick.”

We don’t know what the drama queen is up to this time round but we at will be here to report it if the bubbles burst right in front of her.


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