It seems to have sex and record it has now become the order of the day for students as videos of university students chopping themselves keeps flooding the internet each and every day.

Yesterday a video surfaced where two Babcock university students were seen chopping themselves and they seem to enjoy it sharing their fantasy with the world.

Having sex is supposed to be private but these two students decided to do it int the open for everybody to see.

Beef Squashed? Watch Fantana as she jams to Wendy Shay’s new song.

The lovers, who are allegedly students of the University of Lagos, were both pants down when they were caught lying on the hard floor in a balcony having a god time.

When they noticed people were filming them, they quickly stood up, picked their clothes, and went back inside. The girl upon realising they were been filmed gave the middle finger to those filming as she walked into a room.

Click on the link below to watch the video.



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