An insight into Kojo Kusi’s “NO BOUNDARIES” collection. The name Kojo Kusi may sound unfamiliar with you because you are so much into mainstream media or you probably pay less attention to the media itself. The ting bell ringing in your ears will probably push you to question who Kojo kusi is and yes you have every reason to because you get answers to your questions only if you ask them.

An insight into Kojo Kusi's No Boundaries collection
Kojo kusi

Maybe a short background check on him will do if we are to proceed. Kojo Kusi is the name of Ghana’s very own fast rising fashion designer who hails from Ashaiman inside the Greater Accra region of Ghana. A young and ambitious rider in his early twenties who’s married to his sewing machine of which anytime they make love, they bring out the most magnificent costumes one could ever cast a glimpse on.

To be honest if Sultans were still a thing today, they could trade their kingdoms for a wear of the craftmanship from Kojo Kusi. His works are loved, admired and cherished by all. Anyone who got the chance to rock the works of the little genius did so with pride. Ghana’s very own Stonebwoy who got to rock a jacket from the young designer on two occasions did so with pride. Last year 2019, Stonebwoy rocked a jacket proudly made by Kojo Kusi to his Ashaiman to the world concert and couldn’t just have enough of the comfort and drip.

Stonebwoy was seen rocking another jacket from the little genius that same month on stage during his bhim concert. Once the twice and you know it’s going on forever. Who knows if Kojo Kusi will be responsible for Stonebwoy’s Wardrope from this time on. According to Stonebwoy, he enjoyed every moment rocking it and according to Kojo Kusi, it was a pleasure getting to design a costume not just for his favorite artiste but one of the greatest of our time.

From all indications several top artistes will join the list of those set to be rocking exclusively made by Kojo Kusi designs. You could be rocking them too. His designs ranges from Africa wears to jackets to casual shirts and many more which all comes in their various collections but what matters most is the collection at hand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my outmost pleasure to introduce to you the next big thing to hit the streets of Africa. Let the fashion freaks arise, the drip lords one side, the elegants
on another side and the broke that side. Behold the ” NO BOUNDARIES” Collections by Kojo Kusi is finally here and here to stay right in your wardropes and luggages, your hangers and sofa, your dry lines and dirty clothes baskets and most of all your laundry machines. Kojo Kusi’s No Boundaries collection

The last time the little genius put his effort into something that much was when he designed a sample of the black stars kit which of course went viral and now been rocked on the streets by thousands. Though he had not much thought about how far it was going but it’s everywhere on the streets now. He confessed he was stunned people took great interest in the his design.

This time around, the no boundaries is here to be designed, made, sealed and distributed mainly by the little genius himself. Even though he wasn’t ready to disclose any information regarding the collection, our close association with him gave us an advantage to pick a couple information about the masterpiece in store and we must confess the world is not yet ready for what’s coming.

When asked about what inspired him to come up with this collection, he came clear on it that the inspiration behind everything he’s ever done lies in the heart of the streets. But this time around that alone wasn’t enough to inspire him come out with such a great idea. He was furthermore inspired by the early African leaders and African culture and history. He disclosed that his admiration for early African leaders and how the went all lengths to gain freedom for their people freeing them from colonial rule was a great inspiration.

” usually I pick my inspiration from the heart of the streets but that wasn’t enough this time. My admiration for our early African leaders and how they saw no boundaries in their quest to free their people from colonial rule was a great factor of inspiration. I thought I could also come up with something that could put the same courage and energy into my generation to see no boundaries on their quest for a better life “

” To be Able to do so, it must be done the African way so I thought wise this collection could have the feel and touch of African culture and history whiles have a little bit of modern urban trends”

When asked whether if he feels his Kojo Kusi brand is at the level needed to pursue the journey he’s set on and the targets he’s set on achieving, he gave the best positive answer to the question by implying that he’s currently amazed at how his brand is doing. He clarified that he’s only an upcoming designer but the attention and publicity he’s gaining is more than enough for him and he believes that each day that passes he manages to win the heart of one more admirer.

“The Kojo Kusi brand is doing well. to be honest the attention and publicity I’m getting as an upcoming designer is great and I believe that each day that passes by I manage to win the heart of one more admirer”

He further gave us some insights into how far he’s gone with the collection when we asked about the progress of it. He revealed that he’s done with the first piece of the collection and the rest is still cooking. He stated that the impression the first piece made was extremely crazy Everyone was amazed and he was extremely glad.

“I’m doing well with the collection. The first piece is done and the remaining are still cooking. It’s crazy how people received it. It was a great motivation for me to keep going”

His reply compelled us to question how far he was willing to push his collection and his answer was amazing. He revealed that he was willing to push it as far as he can even if it meant out of the planet or the universe. He was willing to make either a short film or a documentary about the collection because it was his life and everything to him.

” I’m willing to push it so much even if it meant out of the planet or the universe. I’m even planning on making either a short film or a documentary about the collection because it’s my life and it means so much to me”

He also stated that if this collection gets the maximum attention it deserves, some pieces of it will be kept at museums. He said it with much seriousness and we can proudly confirm he meant it and his targets are way above what we might even imagine.

” there are some pieces of this collection that will be kept in museums if it gets the maximum attention it deserves”

The “NO BOUNDARIES” Collections have no fixed release date at the moment but we advise you stay glued to our site because we will be fishing out every possible information we can on it.

Kojo Kusi’s No Boundaries collection

Kojo Kusi’s No Boundaries collection


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