First community media platform in the world to be launched in Ghana this year.

A group of Ghanaian software developers and their partners in Silicon Valley, US, are set to launch a new communication platform in Ghana that will leave its users amazed. Sources say this new platform will be first used by the people in University of Ghana, Legon, community and it will offer its users the ability to write to their community leaders and for community leaders to read the concerns of their people. Later on, this platform will be extended to various other communities in Ghana and in the world.

The purpose of this platform is for community members to speak out about the problems that are within the community and also suggest solutions that can be applied to make life better for the people in the community. Community leaders, on the other hand, will do same but will also share important updates about work that they are doing for the community, opportunities for members of the community, and many more.

While social media prioritizes the communication between friends and family (thus, the name social media), this new platform prioritizes communication among members of people living in communities and their leaders.

We spoke to the leader of the group, Kwadwo Dwomo II, and here is what he has to say:

Journalist: Why did you come up with this new platform?

Kwadwo: I have stayed in a lot of communities in Ghana and I have seen a lot of problems in these communities. Been a computer scientist, I thought of how I could use my knowledge in software engineering to come up with a solution that could help my fellow citizens and the world. So, I brainstormed the idea with my brothers, Addo Baffour Dwomo and Benjamin Dwomo-Doyen, and we refined the idea further. Therefore, this invention is our way of contributing our quota to the progress of this world.

Journalist: How hard was it to come up with the concepts of this platform?

Kwadwo: It was very hard. Seeing social media exist for all the right and wrong use, we had to come up with something that was completely different and where people will not abuse the platform. That involved a lot of thinking and long brainstorming session.

Journalist: What do you wish to achieve with this platform?

Kwadwo: We wish to get more people interested in conversation that bothers on development and change within the community. It is our hope that more people limit their social media usage and spend more time on this new community media so that our leaders will get on their toes and bring prosperity and progress to our various communities.

Journalist: Who are your financial backers?

Kwadwo: Right now, we are bootstrapping. Some venture capitalists have expressed interest but we are still executing so that we can meet the milestones they have suggested for us.

Journalist: What is the name of the application and when are you launching?

Kwadwo: The name of the application is called Comcent. We took it from community center (“Com” from community and “cent” from center). We will be launching in April in University of Ghana, Legon, community.

Journalist: What are the names of these people in Silicon Valley that you are partnering with?

Kwadwo: They are two. The first person is called Chris Franklin and he’s a software engineer and the second person is called Samuel William and he is a UI/UX consultant. They will be coming to Ghana this year if all goes well.

Journalist: Say shout out to persons you want to.
Kwadwo: I want to say shout out to my parents, Kwadwo Dwomo I and Agnes Boakye, and my brothers and sisters. And to all my friends and everybody who has supported my team and I on this journey. A special shout-out to Dennis Mensah, who is our lead developer.

Journalist: I read it somewhere in the news that you said you will kill social media. How do you intend to do that and what is your reason?

Kwadwo: First of all, I wish to define what a social media platform is: a social media platform is any form of communication platform that helps you to communicate to friends and families. The people who will see your post are people you have added as friends or people who have your number. Therefore, one can say Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., are all social media platforms. What we are bringing is a form of communication that allows for members of people living within the same community to have meaningful conversation. What we are also saying is that social media has reached the end of its life cycle. If you read about the history of any technology, it starts with the innovators and progresses to the early adopters, the early majority, the late majority, and finally the laggards. At the laggard’s stage, people will start abusing that technology and the consequences to the world will be very great until a new technology does come to replace it. We are saying that all these social media platforms has reached their laggard’s stage and therefore, it needs to be replaced with something new.

Journalist: Thank you for your time Kwadwo.

Kwadwo: Pleasure is all mine and thank you for having me as well.

Readers, so we brought you the gist of this much talked about platform that has been making waves among we in the media. We will bring you more info as the story unfolds.




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