Meet Davis Kizza Kana, Uganda’s most pierced man. | Photos

Well, What is body piecing?

Body piecing is a form of modification where one punctures or cut a part of his/her body  by creating an opening where, a jewelry maybe worn.

Now, Davis Kizz Kana also popularly known as Rasta Kana is Uganda’s most pierced man. The piercing which is mostly on his face include 20 on each ear, 14 on his eyebrows, 10 in his nose, 10 around his lips, two in his tongue, four in the mouth, on the chin, another in the neck and one in his genital area.

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“As you can see I have piercings on most parts of my face. I have not pierced my checks, forehead and head because I don’t want to lose the dreadlocks that I have kept for 14 years,” the soft-spoken Rastafarian added.

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Kana started piercing his body in 2000 by having his ear lobes and nose pierced. “Every hole has its own story and represents both good and bad memories. Whenever something happens in my life, I get a piercing to mark that particular event. For example, the piercing on my left eyebrow reminds me of the time I broke up with my girlfriend, after six years and 10 months,” he told The Observer in 2012.

Silver happens to be Davis Kizza Kana’s favorite colour. On why he loves silver, Davis said silver best on his skin. “I prefer silver because it is the best on my skin from my experience. It is easy to clean and replace — but expensive.”

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According to Davis, piercings are not just about the moments but also about celebrating his independence from my strict family that brought us up on a strict Islamic foundation.”

When he chose this unique style, his parents didn’t criticize him or stop him, he said.

“To discover oneself takes a while because of the restrictions brought about by family or religious ties. However, people will accept the way you are with time and may even come to know you as a good, helpful and positive person. Just because of your creativity or lifestyle, you are still the same person inside.”

“Body piercing means everything to me. I saw the advantage of combining body piercing with the Rastafari belief, dreadlocks and body building. It is the best thing in my life and has made me happy,” Kana said.

Working at Azimarino Fitness Gym and Cybex Fitness Club, Kana said some people have come to accept his uniqueness even though others feel its madness.

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“I have been physically attacked and verbally assaulted. Some have called me evil, illuminati, and even used derogatory terms for a homosexual. But I can handle these being a fitness trainer. Mostly, I ignore the attacks, avoid such people and deny them the attention they seek.”

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